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The Willie Mae Stokes Community Center is a tax-exempt non-profit organization seeking to serve the youth of Alachua County and surrounding communities. We believe that one’s destiny is determined by the commitment to develop what is given; therefore, if the world gives you a lemon – make the best lemonade possible.

In furtherance of our vision, we believe that most of what society calls under-served or at-risk are really opportunities for the development of our youth. Given the resources and the opportunities that are needed to offer exposure to young minds will ultimately have a positive impact, the Willie Mae Stokes Community Center family goes the extra mile by being the human instrument of concern -- we put our compassion into action. The Willie Mae Stokes Community Center is "the place where education and caring happens".

We believe that in many of the lives of youth, the missing ingredient is “caring”. With resources, there must be the human compassion that speaks beyond the dollars in order to reach the real needs of the individual. It is at this level of the human experience that real differences are made. This is what the Willie Mae Stokes Community Center offers those we are called to serve; we are committed to the vision of positively impacting the community in which we live and beyond.

On behalf of the Willie Mae Stokes Community Center family and, more importantly, the people whom we assist, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to you for your continued support in making our efforts a reality.

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As teenagers from the community, we know it can get pretty boring. We also know technology is trying to take over our lives. Well its time to forget about both and lets have fun! Kids Community Opportunity is a great way for kids to get out and help out their town while having fun! Its fun, free, and a great way to spend time with other people in our community. Plus if you're new to Micanopy you can meet lots of people!